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Saturday, September 17, 2011


a snap

M U N C H,

                     M U N C H --


     I like how when I take a bite out of my gingersnap, what is left looks like a mouth that can snap up things like the old PACMAN characters snapped up energy pellets.  If you had a gingersnap, what would it snap up?  Would your gingersnap eat your Goldfish crackers?  Aren't I being silly?  But that is the fun of writing poetry.  Writing about cookies is something very young children can do because usually a cookie is a positive image for them.  Each cookie has a story that can become a poem.  Now, cookies are something to write a poem about.  Try it.

© 2011, Joy Acey

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  1. Joy,

    This one is so fun! It is fun to hear! I love its snappiness!