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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Big rooster,
wakes me each morning
with his chicken talk.
His crow is loud
and very deep
when all I want
is to sleep 
          and sleep!

   This rooster is going to be named soon.  He comes around at 5 each morning to say hello.  Either he's getting named, or I'm finding a chicken pot.
Then I can curse him by name, which is much more satisfying.
   There is a Kauai joke.  How do you cook a Kauai chicken?  You put it and a lava rock in a pot with water.  Cook it until the lava melts, skim out the rock and cook the chicken for two more hours, then the chicken might be tender enough to eat. Kauai chickens are tough old birds.
   Do you know a chicken joke?
   When I was in China, we went to a restaurant in Peking, I think it was called Peking Duck.  We had a seven course meal that featured duck in every course.  So I've been thinking about Kauai chicken as a seven course meal with cold chicken consume, shredded chicken tacos with cabbage and pineapple, devilled eggs, roast chicken, barbecue chicken and sweet and sour chicken.  What is your favorite way to eat chicken?  Maybe you can try writing a list poem today about eating chicken.  Have fun writing.


  1. Very cute poem, Joy. And I love the story about how to cook a Kauai chicken. Great stuff. Thanks for the post.

    1. When I first heard this joke, it took me a minute to get it. I was all primed for a Hawaiian version of stone soup.

  2. I loved the poem and information about a time in China.

    Joy, what if your blog followers share names for the rooster? Would you like some help?

    1. Sure, send name suggestions along. There are enough chicken that we can name them all. But I must admit that my ornery, alarm clock rooster has become Harold for me, as in Hark the Harold, roosters sing, to welcome the sun that they bring.

  3. Love hearing about the rooster since we've also met the chickens. It's perfect, Joy, and I had to laugh about your threat, too.

    1. One has to have a sense of humor about them--at least until I become so accustomed to them that I don't hear them in my sleep.
      I took a stale bagel with me on my walk today and fed the ducks. They jumped to catch the pieces of bread in the air. FUN!

  4. Not a fan or roosters and chickens. We had a herd of 'em when I was a kid - all renegades and attack trained, I think! But they do make for nice meals and poems!

    1. Since many of these chickens are descendants of fighting cocks, I did expect to have to be careful of attack chickens (especially since my son carries a vicious scar from an ugly Chapel Hill chicken.) But when I walk by, the chickens usually scurry in the opposite direction. So, before I could eat any of these chickens, I'd have to catch them. I'll just settle for the cut and skinned chicken breasts from the grocery store.