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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1. 2016

I watched the sun
try to rise today.
It worked really hard,
but the clouds got in his way.
First the sun
charged the clouds yellow
and then purple
like a bad bruise
and now the clouds
are gray.
I still haven't seen the sun.
I guess it'll be
a cloudy day. 

   I'm back from my trip to Norway and I have lots to share with you, but first I need to get some household chores done.  
   I think I must still be on Norway time because I woke really early today and have been sorting through my mail.
  I wrote this poem while I was eating my yogurt and watching the sunrise.  What has your day been like?  Can you write a poem about your day?  Have fun writing and I'll see you tomorrow with more about my trip. 

Happy First of June, so long May.

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