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Friday, July 29, 2016


   I am participating in the summer poetry swap organized again this summer by Tabatha Yeatts.  Over the summer I am sending five original poems to fellow children's poets and I'm receiving poems from five too.

  The first poem I received was from Donna Smith.  She lives in Maine, close to the Eastern most lighthouse in the United States.  I live on the same island as the Western most lighthouse in the United States.  Our Kilauea Lighthouse was closed while repairs were made and only recently re-opened.  Donna wrote this poem.  (Thank you Donna for permission to share your poem here.)

As the lighthouse
Sends its beam
Across the waters
In the night
And through the fog
Reaching and
Forever changing
The lives
Of those it touches
At just the right time
So is the writer's pen. 

by Donna Smith, 2016

 The really fun thing about Donna's poem, is she had it printed on a canvas bag.

This is really handy because it holds my journal, pens, colored pencils and sketch book.  I take this with me when I take my walks and go adventuring.

I had my Joy-Write bag with me today when I took this picture.

Joy Acey, summer 2016

lazy summer day
with nothing to do
but swing on the gate

Can you try writing your own modern haiku today?  What did you do today?  Have fun writing.

I met Alli and Steve on my walk today.  They were riding on their razor scooters to go see Niki the horse that lives down the road.  Alli and Steve are fourth graders.  Our Kauai kids start school on Aug.  1.  So they only have three days of freedom left before they go back to school.  When do the children in your area go back to school?


Today is Poetry Friday and you'll find the roundup over at Reflections on the Teche.  Thank you, Margaret Simon for hosting us this week.

You're the one to make your dreams come true.  You can do it. 


  1. Good morning! Thanks for sharing the photos today. It makes me smile to think that your bag is actually accompanying you on some true "joy-writing"!
    Can't believe kids there are going back to school already...we have one more month.

  2. Thank you for sharing this poem by Donna! I have to find out more about the summer poetry swap. It sounds wonderful. I love the bag, too!

  3. Donna is the most creative swapper! That bag is fabulous, Joy, and love both the poem & the "Joy Write". I just found a journal-type book at my used bookstore by a person who grew up in a lighthouse. I haven't started it yet, but know it will be fun. Hard to believe your students will start on Monday. We start Aug. 22nd, all too soon.

    1. I forgot to say I loved the 'gate-swinging' too, Joy. That's a happy memory from my childhood.

  4. What a great gift from Donna and an interesting lighthouse connection between the two of you! I love your haiku, Joy.

  5. Joy-writing bag-what a clever poem swap from Donna. I enjoyed your summer poem and think that you should should send that in with the photo for my summer gallery, Summerscapes (http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2016/07/invitation-to-summerscapes.html). It would be a great #imagepoem addition to the gallery from Hawaii.

  6. What a fabulous paring of photo and words to make up that Joy-Write bag. Winner! Your gate pic is gorgeous. It makes me want to linger...

  7. Take your Joy-Write bag on a ride or a walk. Just right for you! I love your haiku and photo, Joy. Swinging on a gate sounds like a perfect summer pleasure.

  8. What fun to have the poem printed on a canvas bag! And how perfect to go on Joy-writes!

    I start back officially on August 15 this year; kids come August 17.

  9. The summer poetry swap is so fun. Thanks for including me as an extra recipient. Your package is on its way. I love the canvas bag idea. May have to steal that!

  10. What a fabulous gift, and I love the 'Joy-write' pun.

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  12. "A Joy-Write" indeed! Mo goes back to school on Thursday, Aug 4th - too early in my mind. The monsoons are just picking up and the kids will be back in school - ugh. =)