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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Fairy Tree

Fairies in the garden
dance around the tree,
feeding us their fairy bread.
Let's all have tea.

  When I was in Melbourne I walked through Fitzroy Gardens which features a fairy tree carved by Ola Cohn.  She wrote fairy stories to help support and protect the tree carving.You can find more here. 

It took Cohn three years to carve the tree.
See the kangaroo and ostrich?

Koala and pixies

Fairies hiding in the crook of the tree.

For a documentary on fairies try here.
For music, here is The Fairy Tree song sung by John McCormick and here by Aine Mulvey. And check out this one of Marley PK. The Fairy Tree, the flute is lovely.

If you'd like to make Fairy Bread try this.

fairy bread | Flickr - Photo Sharing!  

If you are enjoying learning about the fairies, you might want to try your own search for them.  One web site called fairy trees May trees, rag trees or ribbon trees.  So your poetry challenge for today is to write a short quatrain (4 lines of poetry) on a ribbon and tie it to a tree.  The more poems and the more colors of ribbons, the more welcoming your tree will look to the fairies.  And with all our recent storms and damage to the trees, maybe you can encourage someone to carve a fairy tree near you.
  Have fun writing poems today and enjoying the wee folks.

Here are a pair of fairy wings, sent to me by one of my Summer Poetry Exchange partners, Irene Latham.

You can make your own wings using cardboard or foam board and attaching them with a bullnose clip to your writing chair.  May all our poems be blessed by the fairies.

Today I'll be as happy as a child spying a fairy in my garden.


  1. What a fairy-fantastic post, Joy! Those carvings are amazing. =)

    1. Thanks, Bridget
      I love your two new books. I wish I'd done that. Wee Word and Wee One are so cute.

      Readers, follow the link above (sorry you'll have to cut and paste)to find 10 Steps to Writing Riddle Poems or the new 10 Steps to Writing Limericks.

  2. Adorable post and now I have links to check out too. Thank you! I'm so glad you got to visit the fairy tree in Melbourne. Thanks for sharing photos with us. Almost as soon as being there. Are you allowed to touch the carvings?

    1. No, there is a fence around the tree which makes some of the camera angles awkward. Oh, well.