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Friday, May 26, 2017


At the edge of the world
is a deep black hole
where all lost things reside--

Ribbons and keys
baby bottles and binkys
All the lost hair
from dogs with mange
the dimes and nickels
of lost pocket change.

Pens and pencils
teething rings
every sock without a mate
nuts, screws and bolts
that disappear
and lone earrings
the homework, wasn't even late
all sorts of things.

Even my teddy
that I forgot
on the bus
and never
found again.

What sorts of things do you lose?  Did you look for it?  Did you find it?  The older I get, the more things I lose track of--most often it's my cell phone.  Can you write a poem today about something lost?  Have fun writing your poem.

Happy Poetry Friday and Aloha Friday
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  1. Moving, as you may have discovered, means 'lost things', at least I think they're here in my home, but cannot find them! I did have an estate sale when I moved, and some 'lost' things may have been sold. The teething ring is fun, Joy. I remember losing a few things when the 'babies' dropped them as we strolled along and didn't notice. I hope you've had a happy birthday week!

    1. I'm having a grand time. Yesterday I spend toing art with 8 other women. It was a marvelous day. Today I'm writing on my lanai. We're having marvelous weather.

  2. Just the other day my husband was musing on the fate of some of his socks, which seem to have simply vanished off the face of the earth. I think they must've fallen down that black hole! ;-)

  3. We have a house gnome who eat the lost socks and likes to play games on my phone.

    1. I went through every kitchen cabinet this morning looking for my stack of white, round dinner plates. I'm glad I just wrote that, I remember where I stored them. Thanks for the help, Brenda.
      I have a house menehuni. (Jama, did I spell that correctly?)

  4. Oh no! A lost teddy! Poor thing. I suspect my bridal veil is in that black hole somewhere. I'm not usually prone to losing things, but that disappeared when we moved and I'm still thinking about it . . .

    1. Thank you Jama, and Cornelius for understanding the trauma of losing teddy.

  5. This explains so much! I think the black hole is about to gain extra merchandise as we prepare to move... =)

    1. When are you flying out? Have I mentioned using exact sized cardboard boxes instead of suitcases?

  6. So many lost things...I'm glad this poem found some of them to round up. Have you read What Have You Lost? It's a collection of poems edited by Naomi Shihab Nye, and all of the poems deal with something lost--some humorous, some heartbreaking.

    1. Hey, Kay,
      How old is Naomi's book? I think I've read it, but I've lost any memory of it. I've put it on hold at my library. Thank you for the suggestion.

  7. So THAT'S where all the names and words go when I lose them!

    1. I'm with you, Mary Lee. Just this morning I asked, what is the word for those hills that come before the mountains? Foothills. More and more, I'm having trouble digging some of those words out of the hole.
      And names, I'm really bad at that!

  8. I was wondering where all these lost things have gone, and now, thanks to your poem, I know. Wonderful poem Joy, thanks!