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Friday, September 29, 2017


Rooster in Conte by Joy Acey, 2017

Somedays I feel
like I want
to throw back my head,
fill my lungs,
and C R O W.

For you, I wish
to have that
same feeling,
expecting surprises
to rise up
like the morning sun. 

copyright 2017, Joy Acey

 I've been working on drawing roosters with smooth, clean lines.  Using the fewest possible strokes to still have a recognizable chicken.  Here is what I came up with after some practice:
simple rooster, 2017
 How are you feeling today?  Do you feel like your world offers endless possibilities?  Like with work, you can do anything?  I hope so.  That's how I felt when I started to draw my rooster.  I wasn't sure I could do what I wanted.  I wasn't sure I could draw a simple rooster. So I broke the task into small steps.  To achieve what I wanted, I removed lines or pen strokes.
Can you try writing a poem about how you feel today?  If it seems too hard, break the poem down into small steps.  Have fun writing.

Big leaps are just small steps taken one after another.  Keep trying and don't give up.


  1. I like your minimalist rooster, Joy!

  2. Really loving your poem and your rooster! Both deserve a head-thrown-back, lungs-filled C R O W!

  3. Wow, all 3 pieces are lovely, but I extra LOVE your minimalist rooster. It is like a poem expressed as art.

  4. Thank you, Joy for the invitation to write about how we feel today! I will certainly take you up on that. I think you did amazingly well with Mr. Rooster!

  5. I love those rooster sketches! I have 15 hens, but no roosters, but even the hens make quite a noise after laying their eggs. It's like they are so proud they have to tell the world. I think they would like your poem. I know I do.

  6. Thanks for the shot of positivity and cheer, Joy. I do like your rooster.

  7. Fun roosters Joy, I do like the one in conte-it feels as though he's talking. And your poem is definitely crowing, thanks for all!