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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

History in an acrostic

     I wanted to spend more time with acrostics and thought you might enjoy this one.


Coming from Lisbon to Palos, he carried his small son Diego

High on his shoulders

Requiring aid for his adventure, he left the boy

In the arms of a priest, entrusted his motherless

Son, while he walked on to Cadiz.

To meet with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

Of Spain. He spent seven pleading years

Perched on her sofa, waiting for Moors to end their war.

He wooed the queen to his thinking,

Eventually he got tired of waiting, was

Ready to Leave. He started toward

Cordova to meet his mapmaker

Older brother Bartelomew in France, at

Last, just six miles out, he was way-layed,

Urgently pressed to return. The Queen

Made Christopher Columbus a commissioned

Boon allowing the

Underwriting of three ships. Two weeks later he set

Sail on a voyage to discover the World.

     I had never thought about Christopher Columbus having a young son until I started doing research for this poem.  His wife had died and he was left with the care of the boy.  He and his brother were both map makers.  Their teacher Amerigo Vespucci, is the inspiration for the name Columbus gave to the new country.  And have you ever thought about those three ships?  Christopher Columbus captained one, his brother Bartelomew was on another and that young son was traveling on the third little boat, La Nina. 
  Doing research to write acrostics is fun and an interesting was to present your information.

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