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Saturday, March 14, 2015

National Pi Day

Happy National Pi Day
a me-oh-my day,
full of numbers day,
a most mathematical day.
Oh, what do you say?
Give a cheer.
for National Pi Day.


  1. Very cute. Now I think we should all go out for pie!

    1. I'm with you, Rosi. What is your favorite kind of pie? I have a lemon tree loaded with lemons that I've got to turn into lemon pie. Besides lemonade, what other ways do you know for using lemons?

  2. Joy,
    In celebration, I'm imagining a metal can lid being unscrewed and mathematical equations popping out instead of a long paper snake. Do you think there's a market for this? ;)

    1. Do you remember when there were canning machines at the malls and you could pay to have anything put into a gallon paint sized can? What if you had two fish bowls, one filled with numbers, and another filled with math functions of equations Students could pull from each bowl and do the math. Or students could work in pairs, one pulling from one bowl and the other student pulling from the second fish bowl and then they could work together to get the answer. It certainly would make for random math problems. ;)