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Monday, October 31, 2016


singing off key
a Jerusalem cricket
feels the barbs

I couldn't think what to write about today, so I sat quietly and listened.  Outside my bedroom window I could hear a cricket singing loudly.  I figured I could shape that sound into a poem.  I think this is a good Sunday poem.  I'm already planning how to make a concrete poem out of the word cricket.  I want the c for a head, the k will turn to make legs, and the t will bring up the rear.  What fun.  Can you tell I've read Bob Raczka's new book, WET CEMENT A Mix of Concrete Poems?  This is a whole book of 21 concrete or shape poems that really pushes the boundaries of text.  He does some creative printing for his poems like  takeoff, icicle, eracure (that's not a typo, it is Raczka making a point with his poem title) and the backward printed homer.  I do wonder how he presented his manuscript to his editor.
Can you sit and be quite for a few minutes today?  Can you shape what you hear into a poem? Have fun writing.

The world is full of incredible noises.

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  1. Joy, you find inspiration here, there, and everywhere. You are amazing!