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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This art I did in my botanical illustration class.
Kumquats, kumquats,
tart and sweet.
Kumquats, kumquats,
I like to eat.

I eat them up
in two bites.
Kumquats are
my delight.

Eat the skin,
that's what we do.
Won't you try them,
they're good for you.

   Have you ever eaten a kumquat?  The peel tastes sweet and the pulp is tart.  Pop the fruit in your mouth and you get both flavors at once when you bite into them. YUM!
   Plus, kumquat is a great word to know if you play Scrabble.  If you'd like to know more about kumquats, check out this Wikipedia page here. St. Joseph, Florida is known as the kumquat capital of the world.

   What is your favorite fruit?  Can you try writing a poem about fruit today? 
Have fun writing.

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