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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Like a Turtle

Today I'm moving very slow
like a turtle as I go,
with each step I move my cane,
trying to ignore the pain.

   Have you ever broken a bone and had to use crutches, a cane or a sling?  It can slow you down.  What tasks did you find that took more time?  This is our topic for poetry today.  Can you write a poem about being injured?  Last Tuesday evening I heard a woman talk about rescuing animals.  Have you ever tried to nurse a sick animal back to health? Have fun writing your poem.

    Although my turtle is far from perfect, I did have fun playing with my art supplies yesterday.  Have you thought about all the different ways animals move?  Almost every animal moves differently.

   Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle.

A turtle only makes progress by sticking its neck out.


  1. Joy,
    What a wonderful person you are.
    This turtle poem is a call to all of us to remember recovery times.
    This prompt from you goes on the To Write list.
    And I am putting my virtual arms around the part of you that isn't in pain for a far-reaching hug. An amazing person like you will thunder & sidestep & straight-on & slide back & pour on & wiggle through., somehow this impossibly tough work tasked to you. It must be an awful physical pain on the broken places, from the monk seal sightseeing-by-bike day. Today is 20 April. I hope this day in May you will feel you have traveled far on your way.

  2. Ah Jan,
    Thank you. It has been a job getting back to my writing, so slowly I'm getting there. The amazing thing to me is how much more I notice when I'm going slow.
    I hope your own broken places have not left scars.
    And, I too hope that a month from now I will hardly remember any pain.
    Each day gets better.
    Thanks for the hugs.

  3. Today I visit the ortho for a walking boot, so I'll be ambulatory for outside, instead of just in. First time since April 8 = happy. It's called a dancer's fracture, a blip on the surface, contrasted to pelvic ring.
    more hugs. . .

    1. You go Jan. Have you seen pictures of Allen Wolf's new ride for his fractured foot? I don't know about you, but any fracture at our age is a slow healing process. So, if you have a dancer's fracture, does that mean you were dancing? Best wishes for your healing.
      Thank you for your encouragement and for being there when I needed your hugs.

  4. Hope you continue to heal and get out and about!

    1. Thanks so much Joan. See my note to Cory (below) for the up date. Everything is going well.

  5. Sending you healing hugs, Joy! Your turtle poem and picture are spot on. I especially love that "A turtle only makes progress by sticking its neck out." Same can be said for we humans. =)

    1. Hey Bridget,
      How is the packing going? I'm excited for your adventure.

  6. Turtle, turtle, walking slow
    Pace my steps so I will know
    Where to look, pause, safely go
    So no one and not any―thing
    Will by my inattention ―――HURT―le!

    Joy, I am so sorry about your mishap. Sometimes we get so caught up in the beauty of the moment, that things happen . . . what a painful reminder to be mindful.
    I wish you well as you pace yourself to a full and JOYful recovery.


    1. Hey Cory,
      Thank you for your poem. I returned my rental walker yesterday and things are going very well. Now, I only use my cane. I've been able to walk my long, steep drive way down to the mailbox and back. Each day it gets better. I'm now three weeks into my 6 to 8 week prognosis and feeling lots better.
      How are things with you? How is Mom?

    2. Hi Joy,
      So glad you are doing much better. A cane--one step closer. You're half way there. Continue to pace yourself and enjoy the slower views. A whole world of painting and poetry reside there to inspire you.

      Mom is well, all things considered. Thank you, for remembering. The beauty of the changing seasons have been inspiring me with much to write about.
      Joy, your beautiful turtle painting inspired my poem to you. You are a very talented artist.