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Friday, July 21, 2017

Happy Poetry Friday

   Happy Poetry Friday.  I'm participating in the Summer Poetry Exchange Tabatha Yeatts has organized for us again this summer.  Last week my second poem arrived from a surprise partner in the exchange, Jone MacCulloch.

   Can you imagine my excitement when I opened the package and found Jone's beautiful picture and poem?

copyright 2017, Jone Rush MacCulloch
Her picture of the chicory is vividly wonderful!  Her description of a "periwinkle star" is elegant.
I have this picture sitting in my writing space to provide inspiration for how just a few words can paint a beautiful word picture.  In case you can't read the words in her photo, they are:

periwinkle star
roadside weed
magical perseverance
invisible to many

The word "perseverance" caught me in this poem.  It invites me to pause and linger with the thought.  I know that if I want to achieve anything with my writing and my poetry, I must persevere. (Plus, if I do it right, all my work and struggles are "invisible.")

Thank you, Jone, for inspiring me to keep working.

Now, here is your poetry challenge.  Look around you at the simple, everyday objects in your space.  Maybe it is your pen or pencil, maybe a paper towel, a book, or even a blank piece of paper.  Now in a few short words write what that object does for you.  Or, you can make this a persona poem and write in the voice of the object. What message does the object have for you?  Have fun working on your poem--persevere.

You can read more of Jone's poetry on her blog here.  
Poetry Friday is hosted by Katie this week on her blog at The Logonauts.

Consider the smallest seed that blooms and grows.  Be that seed.


  1. I don't see chicory in Denver, but perhaps along the lonely roads in the mountains? In Missouri, it seems to be everywhere, such a blue, & yes, Jone is right, it doesn't give up. Those little things are special!

  2. Oh, I love the tough beauty of chickory! Yes, that word perseverance is good for this flower. If you try to pluck one flower you find out that it's not intending to go with you without a fight!

    OK, taking your challenge....with Jone's poem as a mentor text. My coffee cup is to my right. My baseball cap is to my left. Thinking....

    Coffee cup
    first in my day
    to receive my thoughts
    with all the bitter
    and all the sweet
    that I have dreamed of.

    1. Nice original slant on your coffee cup. Thank you for taking the challenge.

  3. Thank you, Joy for featuring my poem. One thing I do before I write my poem is to mini-research on the subject. What facts or meanings might add to the poem.
    Linda,I liked the coffee cup and the contrast of thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Jone for the beautiful picture and poem. It has a place of prominence in my writing space.

  4. We have chicory here and I love it's sky blue colour. One reason it may be missed by many is that it tends to close its petals in the bright noonday sun.

  5. Beautiful! I admire those wildflowers that others pass by as weeds. I will have to try the challenge later. Who knows what hidden treasures I will discover.o

  6. Sorry, Joy! I got waylaid into writing from your prompt, and totally forgot I was here in the early hours this morning!
    What a sweet picture accompanying Jone's poem.

    1. Donna, I love to see you at any time of day or night. Being in Hawaii, most people don't know when I'm working at night because when it is 3 here, it is 9 on the East Coast.

  7. Chicory is my favorite flower!

    1. Very interesting. I love the color, but you are the first person I know who declares chicory their favorite.

  8. I do love a good poem to chicory. I have one here: https://friendlyfairytales.com/2016/08/21/wild-blue-chicory/ It's a plant with roots older than each of us.

  9. Lovely poem and image they're filled with overflowing energy and rays! I love this wildflower weed too. Thanks for your challenge, here's my response.

    Journal Ode

    Take me,
    fill me
    with all
    smudge me
    begrudge me,
    but never
    leave me

  10. Michelle,
    Thank you for taking the challenge. Thank you for sharing your poem. I enjoy your poem. The short lines are especially fitting.
    I'll bet you keep some great poems in your journal.

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