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Friday, March 22, 2013


I'm still having fun playing with nonets, a syllabraic form that is nine lines long with 45 syllables.  Nine syllables in the first line, eight in the second.  One less syllable in each line until you get to the last line that has only one word.  Pretty simple really since the syllable count is the only rule for this form.

Driving the long, black ribbon highway,
nothing to see, sand and sagebrush.
The wind whips sandy eddies,
at the side of the road
grow yellow mustard,
pink wildflowers.
Here two weeks
then gone--

     I drove across the desert to Los Angeles yesterday, so I saw lots of desert.  Its quiet beauty quickly changes.  We are rushing all too fast toward summer.  I wonder how many days we have left before we have temperatures over 100.  My drive inspired this nonet.  Can you try writing your own nonet today?.

poetry+friday+button+-+fulllThis poem is part of Poetry Friday, hosted today by Greg at GottaBook


  1. pussy willows in a canning jar
    set on the sunny windowsill
    water up to their shoulders
    little puffs of soft down
    green and white marbles
    slowly roots push
    out the stems
    puff balls

    What a fun form! I've gotta try more of these!

  2. I don't think I'm spending enough time trying some of your ideas, Joy. I just started my spring break so will work hard to write according to your structures and ideas. They are good. I love the poem, can't imagine living where 100 degrees is a norm, sometimes even cool. These flowers, here then gone are like our mountain wildflowers too-so brief. Thanks!

  3. I never heard of this form before. I really like what you've done with it.

  4. Nicely done, Joy. Your nonet reads naturally and builds to what feels like an answer to a riddle. I'm going to try this form!

  5. Both yours and Andi's are perfect for the form!