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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


There's a hole 
in the clouds.
The sun is 
poking thru.
All day long
the sun has played

It rained last night.  It was misty this morning.  A lovely day to stay home and empty packing boxes.  I started to put my drafting table together and discovered that it was missing an important screw, so I drove into town to the hardware store.  On the way I stopped at the recycling center and left all my cardboard--all those moving boxes I've already emptied.  So, I finally have new white blinds in all my studio windows and my table is up.  But, I also found another tightening clip is missing.  (This will take an internet search or another trip to the hardware store, but it isn't happening today.) Do you ever go to the hardware store?  What things do you see?  Can you write a "hardware" poem today?  Of course, if you don't like this idea, write something else.  Just write today, and have fun writing.

Creativity dives right in.

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  1. Joy,
    I love this peek-a-boo poem. Maybe you could make a collection. You know me, I have to suggest it. You have the ability!