This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mary Ebony

Mistress Mary Ebony
loved the color black
you see.

Her hat was black
and her overcoat.
She used black ink
whenever she wrote.

She like licorice
and black bird stew
the black bear was
her favorite at the zoo.

She wore black shoes
with black shoe laces.
She bet on the dark horse
at the races.

She used black pots and pans
whenever she'd cook.
Black Beauty is her
favorite book.

She loved riding in cars
with big black tires.
Played with the smoke
and char from fires.

Some thought she studied
the black arts.
She picked black feathers
when she played darts.

Her hair is jet black,
her polished nails are filed. 
Miss Mary Ebony is
our sweet, Gothic child.

     Happy Halloween.  Hope you have a great day.  Write a poem.  You surely can do better than I have today.  What other black things can you think of? 

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