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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Wiliford Mouse

liked to spend hours

sitting in the garden

smelling the flowers.

This little mouse

was quite a hoot

sniffing the pollen

with his yellow snoot.

He'd taste the petals,

lap up the dew

but when the cat

came stalking through

Wiliford tried hiding

under the pansies

but he couldn't help it

young Wiliford sneezed.


    Hey, Happy Thursday.  I want to thank you for stopping by and reading my poem.  I've used a slip rhyme, or assonance rhyme in the last stanza.  If you can think of a flower that rhymes perfectly with sneezed, please let me know.  That last stanza still needs work, but I'll get to it.
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    Here is your challenge for today, can you write a poem that uses Ah-choo? 


  1. Joy,

    I have no flower rhymes, although I thought you might could work in wheezed instead and show him trying to hold his breath and rework with petals, blossoms, or something less specific. I'm not the poet here, you'll get it. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Linda,
    My critique group met today and I've got some other ideas for how to fix that last stanza. Thank you for you suggestions and willingness to help.