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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


at my door
I hear a knock.
It's a grandfather clock.

He has a bag.
He wants to be fed.

the clock said

Happy Halloween

     So, only two more Halloween poems to go.  Yahoo.  I mentioned yesterday playing with other words to rhyme with "trick," and I thought "tick" would work nicely.  This poem also works as a reverso.  Try reading it from the bottom up and see what you think?  Can you find the onomatopoeia in this poem?  If you were to perform this poem with your class using multiple voices, how would you break the parts up?  Can you write a Halloween poem today, too?  Have fun.
    What do you think of my grandfather clock? I had a lot of fun sketching that clock costume before I colored it.  I hope you have a fun day too. Happy writing.


  1. Joy,
    If a grandfather clock came to my house for Tick-or-Treat, I'd look for some of these: machine oil, a wind-up key, furniture polish, a cleaning cloth or perhaps a garland of Christmas holly. Even better, a stuffed mouse. I'd quote "Hickory Dickory Dock." How about you? What would you give?

  2. Oh absolutely, those all would make for great treats for a grandfather clock. I did think about drawing three mice on the clock, but that is beyond my artistic talents.
    My sister has been hounding for a poem about what happens to all these things (costumed characters) after Halloween. My brain has been so clogged lately that I'm waiting until after Halloween to see what happens.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment. Something to stir the brain.

  3. What an adorable costume! I like your drawing AND I like the fact that your poem can be a reverso! Nice, Joy :-)