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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Snake

Little fellow
not very old
hardly moves
because he's cold.

Curled up
on the cold cement,
he doesn't move,
his body bent.

I pick him up
place him in the grass
and hope that
hungry hawks will pass.

     Hey, it is Friday.  Do you think animals do anything to get ready for the weekend?  Have fun writing your own poem today about being hungry.  

Dori over at Dori Reads is hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup today.  Thanks, Dori.


  1. Joy,
    Perhaps the snake was chillin' to start his weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Linda,
      I like the thought of the animals getting ready for a football weekend.

  2. Nice! I've actually been thinking about writing a poem about that little fellow, too! "Red racer, red racer / so cold and so slow, / a mid-morning meal / the hawk spies below..."

    1. Way to go, Matt. I look forward to your posting.

  3. Perhaps the hawks are why I never saw one! I like that 2nd stanza especially Joy-rhythm & rhyme is so good!

    1. thank you Linda,
      I caught the typo and corrected it :)