This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Friday, May 30, 2014


Write like the river.
Let your words flow.
Where it will take you
you may not know.

It might be to fantasy
or could be sci-fi.
Words create reality, 
so give it a try.

Let poems drift
out of you pen,
and then when you're done
start over again.

   Happy Poetry Friday!  You poetry challenge for today is to try free writing a poem.  If you get stuck try sitting quietly and making a list of all the things you hear.  Then can you shape that list into a poem? Have fun writing.
     I'm travelling and having some problems posting from my iPad.  I'll post this poem for now and will fix it later.  Boy, is this frustrating.


  1. Nice. This should inspire young people to try their hand.

    1. Thanks, Rosi.
      And thanks for putting up with my typo's. I'm home again and so much happier to be working with familiar equipment.

  2. It's lovely, Joy, & I could read it with the typos! I'm going to keep it for my next poetry group!

    1. Thanks. Linda. You are always helpful and I appreciate you.

  3. I wish I could write like a river! But even when I don't, I know what it means to stop and start all over again!

    1. Ah, Carol, that is the secret, you can write like a river. Your words can flow on to the page--the hard part is making the BIC time.
      Please note, you used the word stop, I didn't. The river always keeps on flowing.