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Friday, August 14, 2015


copyright 2015, Joy Acey

I am one happy frog.
I like sitting in my bog,
eating bugs and flies
as I watch the days go by.

However, I confess
my life would be a mess
if I were made to kiss
the lips of a princess.

 Do you know the fairy tale about the Princess and the Frog?  What would happen if all the frogs were getting kissed by little girls who wanted to find a prince? What is your favorite fairy tale?  Can you take a fairy tale, turn it on it's ear and then write a poem about it?  Have fun being wild and crazy.  Happy writing.

I cannot get out of my head a fairy-tale of olden times.--Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

The Poetry Friday Round Up is hosted this week by Heidi Mordhorst on her blog My Juicy Little Universe.  Thanks, Heidi.  She has a delicious poem about going back to school titled, No Not Yet, with lots of fun word play.  Check out her poem and lots of other fun poetry on her blog.


  1. No, an ordinary frog would NOT like to kiss a princess, I'm sure--so smooth-skinned, so hairy, so tall, so soapy-smelling! Change in perspective is always a good thing.

    1. I'm interested in your decision to teach second grade. Will you have a lot of your former students?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, frogs for dinner,
      frogs for lunch,
      I like frogs
      a whole bunch.
      Thanks for stopping by, Mary Lee.

  3. Fun! This will be great for teaching point of view!

    1. Could do, and voice too.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, Carol.

  4. "Yuck," said the frog, when asked to kiss a princess.
    "Not my idea either!" replied the princess. "Let's run away. You run one way and I'll run another."
    "Better yet," said the frog. "We'll run away together. No one would expect that."
    "Good thinking, Frog," said the princess...

    And now to decide the rest of the story or not..

    This was fun, Joy.

    1. Thank you for the fun, Linda.
      "Harrumph," said the bullfrog
      to the firefly.
      "I think you'd be tasty
      in Lightning pie."

    2. You and your frog friends are fun are so are the dishes they cook up. :)

    3. Hey Linda, the frog is eating lite on his diet. ;-)

  5. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for sharing your poetry, Joy.

  6. Thanks, Joan. I appreciate your coming by and leaving a comment.

    "Peep, peep,"
    said the peeper
    clinging to a tree.
    "I'm so glad
    when you visit me."

  7. Joy, I always enjoy your poems and this one is fun to read aloud. The illustration is delightful with the frog speaking out on his behalf.

    1. Oh, how funny, Carol. I just looked at my frog again and realized he only has two legs. How could I have been so stupid? I guess I'll have to go try drawing a four legged frog now. Sometimes I even make myself laugh.

  8. Joy, I always enjoy your poems and this one is fun to read aloud. The illustration is delightful with the frog speaking out on his behalf.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I do have fun playing with my art supplies although, I will admit I'm not that great at it. My mom was a kindergarten teacher, so I learned to accept any drawing that even comes close to looking like what it should be.

  9. I love the frog's voice - and his choice to avoid princess drama! =)