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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Six little quail
running round the yard,
pumping their feet,
working so hard.

Six little quail
flew over the fence.
Where did they go?
Haven't seen them since.

     It is the time of year when we have lots of little quail scurrying around.  This morning as I watched them dashing around, the two adults with them led the little ones to the gate which was all closed in a corner.  First one adult, then another flew to the top of the fence and watched the little ones for a moment before flying over to the other side.  I wondered what was going to happen to the little quail.  My fence is six feet high.  But sure enough, one after the other each of the little ones flew over the fence.  They didn't pause at the top.  I was surprised and pleased.  I had under-estimated the little quail.  Has anyone ever under-estimated you and your abilities?  Can you write a poem about your mighty abilities?  Have fun telling the world how awesome you are.  You can leave your poem in the comments below.  Have a super day.

A children's poet is more than you see.


  1. There are few things that make me happier than seeing a family of quails skittering through the grass. This poem put a smile on my face. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Rosi. You say the nicest things.

  2. Proud Parents' Moment

    Six baby quail
    scurried on the ground,
    'til halted by a skyscraper fence,
    unsure what was next.
    Parents demonstrated
    a flight to the top
    Babies took turns,
    soared up and over
    and landed like pros.

  3. Joy,
    I would have loved to have witnessed this. Thanks so much for sharing your daily adventures! Love ya!