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Friday, December 11, 2015


Since I'm going to be moving over the holidays and who knows what will happen with my internet connection, I thought I'd start early with sending good holiday wishes.

  Since I wasn't sure how things would go with the move, I didn't participate in Tabatha Yeatts' Holiday Poetry Exchange this year.  With all the stress of moving, I didn't know how creative I'd be feeling.  And being able to "artistically" present my poem would be impossible since all my art supplies are sitting in packed boxes. But there was a moment when I was packing and I came across a poem that  Irene Latham wrote for me during our summer poetry exchange titled 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE MOON.  Yes, I wanted to try this.  Of course her poem and mine are both based on Wallace Stevens' poem 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A BLACKBIRD.

And, I'm discovering that when my world is crazy the best way I know to calm myself and feel settled is to write a poem.

Here is my poem:


six-sided symmetry
crystal chiller
mitten sparkler
tongue tingler
snowball starter
snow angel swish
eyelash wish
dream of no school
Inuit house
skiers delight
one frozen tear
individual as a fingerprint
start of an avalanche

   So here is your challenge for today.  Take a holiday icon (a wreath, a candle, a jingle bell, snowglobe, menorah, hot chocolate, etc.) and try writing your own 13 WAYS...poem.  Have fun writing.

   It is the happiest time of year for those who hold the joys of the season in their heart.

Happy Poetry Friday Roundup.  The party this week is over at  A Teaching Life blog.  You'll be able to find more poetry fun here.  Thank you,  Tara Smith for hosting us this week.


  1. Wonderful poem, Joy. Especially love mitten sparkler and eyelash wish. :) Good luck with your move and Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Thanks, Jama for your good wishes. Only three more days until we leave. It was surreal to see the cargo container packed with all our worldly goods. I can hardly wait to set up my new writing space among the chickens.
      Happy holidays to you too. Can't believe I might be wearing shorts for Christmas.

  2. Pretty and creative. Thanks, Joy! I hope this starts an avalanche of poems based on 13 Ways...

    1. An avalanche indeed. This is just a bunch of sponge stickers I bought at the dollar store. It was fun to do, but I kept thinking I'd do something entirely different if I had my art supplies.
      The more is getting so close.

  3. How wonderful, Joy, amidst all the 'flurry' that you would take the time to write. Love that "mitten sparkler'.

    1. Don't snowflakes put sparkles on your mittens?
      Thank you for taking the time to read my poem and comment. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  4. Such fun!

    Best wishes for your move!

  5. Thanks for taking the time in all your upheaval to write/send this! I have a bunch of favorites, e.g. the ones Jama mentioned and "tongue tingler."