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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Monster In My Shoe

I do not know
what to do
there's a monster
in my shoe.

He stinks, and smells.
He even reeks.
He dirties my shoes
and makes them squeak.

When I am running
in foot races,
The monster, he
unties my laces.

He makes me stumble.
He makes me fall.
I do not like
this monster at all!

Look here!
This cranky
mean old mister
has rubbed my foot
raw with a blister.

Oh what can I do?
Should I throw out my shoe?

       Thanks to my friend Jeanne Poland, I'm now going to have to think about a verse that includes the monster leaving his toe jam on my feet.  I'm having fun with this monster.  Do you have a favorite monster, does he hide out in your video game or take over the video controller?  Try writing a poem about your monster.  We could have a whole monster party.

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