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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Dog

My dog pants in hot weather
his tongue lolls and drips.
He barks to let me know
when someone comes.
He likes his ears scratched 
and his back.
He loves to take walks
and to chase tennis balls
and birds.
My dog likes sleeping
and eating cookies
and watching dogs on TV.
What he doesn't like
are cats and fleas.
 I like that my dog likes me.

Do you have a pet?  Can you write a poem about the things your pet likes and doesn't like? 


  1. I like that your dog likes you! I can tell you like him too! How sweet! I like your dog lots! Here is a poem I wrote about my dog "Cappi":


    I love my Cappi!
    She is my dog.
    I love most dogs.
    But Cappi is special.
    She is from Cappadocia.
    Sweet Cappi is a gift
    from Ali Fuat Illeez.
    Ali is from Avanos
    in Cappadocia.
    Cappadocia is in Turkey.
    I love Cappadocia,
    and I love Avanos,
    inside of Cappadocia,
    even more. Most of all
    I love my Cappi gift
    from Ali Fuat Illeez.
    My little white
    ball of fur
    has become
    and brave
    and super athletic.
    She is also
    so sweet
    and so smart.
    She is a Korean Jindo Dog!
    How can this be?
    I love my Cappi!
    How can this be?
    I love my sweet Cappi!

  2. Cool poem Ray. Thanks for writing it and sharing with me. Cappi sounds like a wonderful dog. I hope I get the pleasure of meeting her sometime.