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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monster in my Soup

There is a monster
in my soup
He makes my noodles
slurp and sloop.

Every time I  lift
my spoon
the monster sings
a sloppy tune
slurp, slurp, sloop.

The one thing
that has gone wrong
is I join him
in his soupy song
slurp, slurp, sloop.

We're very noisy
when we sip
I try to hush him
but he won't quit
slup,slup, sloop, slurp.

     I must like monsters, or having imaginary friends because here I've written another monster poem.  This time I've put the monster in my soup.  Where else can you put the monster?  In your backpack, in the dog dish, in your shoe?  Under the bed and in the closet have already been done, so try to think of some place new to put a monster and see what happens.  Is the monster at the movies, swimming, or on your baseball team?  Write a poem about it and share it with us.  Have fun writing. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh I see. It's all the monster's fault. Everybody needs one of those monsters.

    Linda A.