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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

double haiku

inside his burrow
          dug into the arroyo
                    sleeps a diamondback

                    a covey of quail
                              zip and dart, running quickly
                                        snake opens his jaw

        If you enjoy haiku, you might enjoy reading the blog of children's author, poet and quilter Maureen Wartski who makes a practice of writing a haiku a day.
        A haiku journal Simply Haiku has lots of good reading and you might enjoy my friend Lenard Moore's haiku.  He and the North Carolina Haiku Society have taught me a lot about haiku.
      A fun exercise to try is to get a few friends together and try writing linked haiku.  Each person can write one haiku that links to the one before.  Or you can write them yourself.  Take the haiku you wrote yesterday and write another haiku to link to it.  You are welcome to post your double haiku in the comments section.
     Lenard Moore has told me about haiku parties, called renga, in Japan where tables of poets sit to write haiku directed by a haiku master.


  1. Joy,
    This one was so real, it gave me shivers! Way to go! You also got my interest with talk of haiku parties called renga. I learn so much here and have such a great time doing it.

    Linda A.

  2. how cool! I agree with LInda, this gave me the shivers!!! I might just have to try that haiku party idea!