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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have a special treat for you today.  The poem isn't mine.  Today's poem is written by my friend Willa Brigham.  Willa is the two time Emmy Award winner as hostess of the children's television program Smart Start Kids.  She is a motivational speaker, performance artist and does workshops in the schools.  She also is an awesome story teller.
Willa was working this week at an elementary school in Durham, NC and had a short break between presentations so she used her time to write this poem.  She has CD's of her stories and songs.  You can find out more about Willa at her web site www.willabrigham.com  |  www.cdbaby.com/willabrigham

There was a well fed man from Raleigh,
Who feasted on oatmeal and barley.
Though long and lean 
with the skin of a bean
His rump was as big as a trolley.

     Limericks are usually humorous poems that start with two rhyming couplets, and then a fifth line that rhymes with the first couplet.  A fun exercise is to find some limericks and remove the last line.  Then try writing your own last line that matches the meter of your first line.

   On this poem,could we try, He traveled every where with his dolly.
                                               Eating made him bigger,to his folly.
                                               His hair was green, by golly.
                                               He had a bird named Polly.

 Today's challenge is to find a limerick and write 2 or 3 alternate last lines.  Have fun.
 I'm over at www.thinkkidthink.com   playing March Poetry Madness with my poetry friends.  My challenge was to write a poem using the word "dismemberment."  It wasn't easy.


  1. Congratulations on partipating in the March Poetry Madness. Looks very challenging. Rooting for you!

    By the way, the limerick by Willa Brigham was funny!

  2. Hey guys,
    You have to do a better job helping me out. I just re-read through this post and saw two spelling errors. Please point them out when I make errors like that. How else am I going to get better?
    Thanks to everyone who voted for me today.