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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Late at night in the library
no one's  here but
the cat Dewey
who keeps the watch.

The books are shelved, the lights are dim
empty book carts, 
there's only him
walking the stacks.

Hold shelf packed with reserved books,
computers off,
every where looks
set for morning.

     Thanks to all my librarian friends for the inspiration for this minute poem. I recently read the non-fiction book DEWEY, about Dewey Readmore Books, the library cat from Spencer, Iowa.  What are you currently reading?  What are your favorite books?  Can you write a poem today about a book?  Try a minute.


  1. Love that there is a library cat named Dewey! And the poem, too, Joy. The book sounds fun.

    1. Dewey, the book, can be found here http://www.amazon.com/Dewey-Small-Town-Library-Touched-World/dp/B005GNJ8ZY
      or check the Spencer Library Feed. If you search, you'll find that lots of libraries have cats. My library has a read to a dog program and more than just children participate.
      This morning on NPR there was a story about a Colorado library that has a seed program.
      The DEWEY book mentioned the library lending cake pans. Libraries do lots of fun things.

  2. What a perfect name for a library cat! Some of our local libraries have "Read to Rover" programs, where kids can read to dogs trained to listen. Libraries are amazing :-)

  3. Joy,
    I love the image of Dewey walking the stacks. What a cool idea to add cake pans to a library's collection. I can almost see them in the nonfiction section with the cookbooks. I bet they circulate all about town.