This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


One, two,
what ya gonna do?

Three, four,
I'm not going to take it any more!

Five, six,
it's hotter than the River Styx.

Seven, eight,
I can hardly wait.

Nine, ten
for the rains to begin.

We're getting a small break in the weather, it is only supposed to get to 99 degrees today.  Yahoo!  Can you try writing your own counting poem today?  Imagine you're traveling by car and you can write about the things you see.  Or, think about cleaning out one of your dresser drawers.  Have fun writing.


  1. Joy,
    I enjoyed your fun way to count to cooler (by a little) weather. Number people are cute.

    1. Thanks for liking my silly art. It did get the job done. Once I got this written, my brain thought of other things I could count too.

  2. Very cute. We are also having less than Hades-hot temps for a week or so. This, too, shall pass. 8-(

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Rosi. I considered:
      Five, six
      H-E-doulble hockey sticks. But thought kids would get more from the River Styx. This was a fun poem to write.