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Friday, June 20, 2014


I wish I were an old empty trash can
then I could hold your discarded first drafts
and I could be a part of your journey
as you learn your children's poetry craft.

I'd love to see the rhymes you have chosen
and all the silly things that you can do
in your writing of verses for children
to make their days joyous for me and you.

     Happy Poetry Friday.  I hope it is a good one for you.  Yesterday on my morning walk, I was listening to Paul Simon on my MP3 player.  Punky's Dilema came on and I was struck by the words:
Wish I was an English muffin
‘Bout to make the most out of a toaster
I’d ease myself down
Comin’ up brown
I prefer boysenberry
More than any ordinary jam
I’m a “Citizens for Boysenberry Jam” fan....
you can read the words to the whole song here. 
The song starts with "Wish I was a Kellog's cornflake."  Do his lyrics get much more corny than that?

   I've always admired Simon's ability to use original, often silly lines in his songs.  I thought "I wish I was..." would make a great opening line for a poem.
And as I thought about it, I remembered the Oscar Meyer ad that used the same
beginning--Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner
that is what I'd really like to be

So, here is your poetry challenge for today.
Start with the "I wish I was _______________________."  You fill in the blank and go form there.

I wish I were your old dirty running shoe
then we could race along the dusty trail.
And I could take you to the mountain top
and we could keep on running without fail.

I wish I were a little rain drop
falling down from out of a white cloud
and I could help to make your rainbow
with all my colors bright and loud .

I wish I were a bright red cardinal
singing songs, I'd do my best
to feed worms to the baby birds
that I've hatched within my nest.

Now it is your turn.  What is the first thing you think of to fill in that blank?  Please leave your ideas in the comments, I'd love to see what you come up with.The Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Jone Mac  this week.  You can find more poetry at her blog Check It Out. Jone, Thank you for hosting us this week.  What other party games would you like to play at the Roundup?

The Poetry Friday.


  1. Joy... You need to change your was to were... I think. Think when you use wish you need we're... Love you... Off to Juanita's therapy all day today.

    1. Thanks for the help. Wish Jaunita the best, hope you guys have a great lunch.

    2. You are absolutely right! Thank you for setting me on the right path. I was mislead by Paul Simon's lyrics. I did have to do my research and you can find out more at:

      If I use the word "wish" I need to use "were." Thanks, Sis. I've corrected my mistakes and hopefully, I won't make it again.

  2. Joy, first time visiting your site and was delighted to find your challenge for all of us. I think I will show teachers your thoughts during this summer's trainings. Thank you for the idea.

    1. That is what I'm here for, to inspire others to write and enjoy poetry. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. This would be a great idea to share with my students. The cat resting behind my head would be my subject.

    1. Please get your students writing poetry and dreaming about impossibilities.

  4. Okay, I accept your challenge:

    Add Vanilla Ice Cream
    (It's Heavenly!)

    I wish I were a brown glass
    bottle filled with root beer
    or chocolate cream soda
    fizzing, foaming, bubbling over.

    Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

    1. Oh yummy. Bet Jama Rattigan would love this. Thanks for playing with me.

  5. I'm a Paul Simon fan as well, Joy-- Punky's Dilemma is an oldie but a goodie! I wish I was... hmmm... a paint set, I think.

  6. I like this exercise. Thanks for a fun idea.

    I wish I were a picture book,
    well loved and often read
    until the pages tatter and fade
    through all the tellings of my tale.

    Rosi Hollinbeck, all right reserved

    1. Rosi,
      Thank you for sharing your poem. I like the idea of being a well-loved book.

  7. Joy,
    Wishing you a joy filled day! You bring so much joy to the rest of us.

    1. Same back to you Linda. Thanks for stopping by to comment and read my poems.

  8. I wish I was a cup of Joe
    to start you upon your day.
    I'd give clarity to your thoughts
    and a smile to your lips.

    1. Well done. A cup of coffee is an important part to my day.

      If you were my cup of coffee
      to start me on my day,
      I'd smile as I drink you up
      to start me on my way.
      THANK YOU.

  9. I wish I were an envelope
    With postage stamp, addressed,
    Note tucked safely inside me,
    To someone you love best.
    And I would get to see
    At the end of my USPS race
    When gazing on the contents
    That joyful, loving face!

    Ta-dah! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yahoo, Donna.
      Thanks for a great job. I like your poem a lot and really appreciate your playing with me.
      Someday I must put together a collection of all the poetry games. These poetry conversations are fun for me.

  10. I wish I were a cellphone.
    I'd buzz and chirp and ring.
    I'd tell the scores and news and more.
    I'd be your favorite thing!

    MLHahn, 2014

    Fun prompt! I'll definitely use this with kids!

    1. Yes, if you were a cell phone
      I'd read the texts you send
      and be so happy for them
      because you are my friend.

      I love the idea of being a cell phone and your verse is delightful. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Well done.

  11. Fun, Joy!

    I wish I were a pillow
    for you to rest your head
    then I would lie around
    dreaming on your bed