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Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 11, 2015


bells and whistles ring
from the small child's hand-held toy
too, too much noise.

    We rode the train from Shanghai to Beijing.  The train station is adjacent to the airport.  I thought that was really handy.  On our train car we were the only tourists.  I had a great time observing all the locals.  Many of the groups travelling were families. 


  1. Joy,
    Do you happen to have a picture of this child toy? If so, maybe you can post the poem again with the photo. I'm enjoying learning about traveling about in China. Thanks!

    1. Sorry, Linda. I don't have a picture of the toy. In fact I wrote this poem as a way of getting rid of my frustration. I was stuck on the train with this kid and his parents and evidently the other riders thought it was perfectly all right for the redundant noise to go on forever. I thought there was a lot of noise pollution in China and I normally don't notice that sort of thing. I'm wondering if China's one child rule has created over indulgent parents, but I guess it is a cultural thing.