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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Today's Deeper Wisdom poem is for my friend David Harrison, who has a collection of poetry titled GOOSE LAKE.

What do geese know?
    To fly south before they smell snow.
    To eat grubs from lakes down below.
    To listen for hunter's guns as they blow.

What do geese know?
    Flying a "V" makes a good show.
    Honking formation as they go.
    To feel the river as it flows.

     I discovered something about this form today.  I wasn't sure how to put the lines together for this poem and I wasn't sure which lines to include and which ones to leave out.  I went back to the basics--I looked at my five senses.  Can you find the 3 S's ( sight, sound, smell) and 2 T's (Touch, taste) in the poem?

     If you'd like to know more about writing a Deeper Wisdom poem,  Michelle Barnes is asking for entries in her contest at her blog Today's Little Ditty.    Michelle Barnes and Joyce Sidman have challenged children's poets to try writing a "Deeper Wisdom" poem.  This is a poem based on What Do the Trees Know? by Joyce Sidman from her book WINTER BEES & Other Poems of the Cold .  You can find out more about this challenge and suggestions for writing your own poem on Michelle's blog, Today's Little Ditty.


  1. Thanks, Joy. I like your poem and appreciate your mention of GOOSE LAKE. David

    1. My pleasure, David. GOOSE LAKE is an enjoyable book of poetry.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Wonder what other letters of the alphabet geese know...

    1. Oh, Linda, can you imagine looking up in the sky and seeing geese spelling out other letters like the skywriter airplanes?

    2. Joy,
      You could make it happen!

    3. "Honk, Honk!"
      Look up in the sky.
      See those geese
      flying by.
      They are not
      making a "V"
      They're up there writing
      A, B, C.
      Oh, dear, They're writing again.
      A,B,C,A,B (See the cab?)
      Do you think they'd rather
      take the train?

  3. I like this, Joy, that "flying a 'V' makes a good show" - my favorite line.

  4. Very nice. I do like the wisdom poems I've been seeing on various blogs. I guess I should try it myself.