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Friday, January 16, 2015

January 14, 2015

Around the garden
rippling, fire breathing bricks
stands the dragon wall

copyright 2015, Joy Acey

copyright 2015, Joy Acey

The Dragon Wall is located in Yu Yuan Gardens.  The gardens were established in 1559 and took two decades to create.  It is quite small, only 5 acres, but that is a lot of real estate in Shanghai.  Because there are a lot of buildings and twists and turns to the garden, many winding paths, it appears quite large. There are six main scenic areas and 30 pavillions all linked by little bridges and stone causeways.


  1. Love the poem and love the photos.

  2. Joy, that is just gorgeous (poem and dragon). I have a friend who wrote an MG dragon novel called The Bronze Dragon Codex -- I'm going to share this with her.

  3. What a beautiful garden of fire breathing bricks. Love that description.