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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I'm packing boxes.
I'm in the groove.
I'm getting ready
for the BIG move.

     I've moved several times in my life.  Usually the moves occur over the summer, but I can think of two other times I've moved before the end of the year.  When I was 10, I moved and started fifth grade at a new school.   That was a tough year of learning new things.
     This time I'm moving to the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  In twenty days a big cargo container will arrive at my house.  We'll load it with all the packing boxes and then the cargo container will be put on a boat to be shipped to our destination.
     Have you ever moved?  If you did move,what prized possessions would you take?  What would you leave behind?  Can you try writing a poem about moving today?  Have fun!

How long does it take to say a few kind words?


  1. Joy,
    I'm so excited for you and so glad you can take whatever you like along. I know you'll miss your desert adventures, but oh boy what you have to look forward to. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Maybe I'll have to try making myself a Hawaii apron when I get there. I've been having fun dreaming of the fun new things to experience with our new house. I've been looking at paint colors and thinking about how to set up my studio. I may have to share my space with the guest bedroom. ;-)

  2. Dear Joy,
    I'm very excited for you! Saying goodbye to one place and hello to another is filled with mixed emotions for you, I'm sure. Enjoy every minute there is to enjoy!

    You're a great citizen wherever you happen to live.

    Love, Joan

  3. Congratulations, Joy. I hope you are happy there. We are starting a move as well, to a smaller house about ten miles away. It's probably easier to make a long move than a short one.