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Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Clive

March holds the birthday for poet Clive Matson.  Happy 75th Birthday.  So today I'm featuring an excerpt from one of his poems.


You’re a baby! I’m a baby too!

Your giantness clouds the sky,

you breathe in Valley Fires

and exhale smoke and roses.

Has the sun ever looked so orange?

The moon so grapefruit?

Love the one-eyed mushroom

on its thick stalk. Love the warm

conch with its slick pearl.

Look up! Look up!

    Thank you Clive for giving me permission to include part of your poem here.  
I know Clive from reading his book LET THE CRAZY CHILD WRITE and from attending one of his workshops.  He publishes the poetry journal Scribbler.  You can read more about his life and poetry here. You can see and listen to Clive Matson reading his poem here.

So here is my occasional poem for Clive.

When you were a baby

you liked to sing

and to listen

to keys        on the ring


When you were a baby

we loved all you do

we'd exclaim and delight

over every

chortle and coo.

And now you've grown,

you're an amazing man.

We try to learn

from you     whenever

          we can.

  For you poetry challenge for today, can you write a poem about what it is like to be a baby?  What do you feel about babies?  Do you have a baby brother or sister?  Can you write a poem for or about them?

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  Today is also the Poetry Friday Round UP.  Our hostess with the mostess is Irene Latham.  You can find more great poetry on her blog.here

   March is also the birthday month for children's poets David L. Harrison and Heidi Mordhorst.  Happy birthday to all those born in March.

A poem starts as an itch. Scratch it. Write it.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Clive. His poetry and yours are awesome and speak to the fun in each of us.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Clive's poetry. Enjoyed both his and your poems. :) Love keys on the ring -- ting-a-ling especially!

  3. That's quite wonderful to share some poetry about Clive, then write a poem to him. Love them both, Joy, and that "conch with its slick pearl", your rhythm & words to "whenever we can". Thanks, hoping you're having a lovely time in your new place.

  4. Nice tribute and poem. I especially liked your original quote at the end of the post about itches and scratches. You are so fun, Joy!

  5. Joy, I am excited about meeting a new poet. I listened to Clive's video and was moved by his voice and his words. Your words back to Clive prompted me to read and reread the phrase, on the ring/ ting-a-ling. I see why this phrase struck you after I heard Clive's sing-song phrasing at the end of his poem. Enjoy your new home.

  6. I like the imperative nature & strong voice of "You're a baby!" Happy birthday to Clive from another March baby. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Clive! Thanks for reminding us to keep hold of our young hearts no matter what age the calendar says we are!

  8. Has the sun ever looked so orange?/The moon so grapefruit?

    How can I not like a poem that compares the moon to a grapefruit? Thanks for sharing this!