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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm Painting

I'm painting the dog house.
I'm making it red.
"Yes," said the dog.
"That's right for my bed."

I'm painting the barn.
I'm making it blue.
"That's just the right shade,"
said the cow with a "Moo!"

I'm painting the bird house.
I'm making it green.
Said the bird,"That's the best
 "color, I've seen."

I'm painting my wagon orange
like the juicy ripe fruit.
"I like where you're going,"
said the owl with a "Hoot!"

As I got out my yellow,
up lumbered a bear.
He asked me to paint him
his own rocking chair.

Now everyone is happy
except for me--I ain't,
and it is because
I'm covered in paint.

  Can you guess what I've been doing for the last two days?  My husband wanted fresh paint in his home office.  I thought I could leave him to HIS project, but somehow I always get roped into helping him.  I'm getting really good at doing the taping, the blocking in, the feathering, the trim work and my husband does the roller.  What could be better than that?   Can you try writing your own poem today about a color?  It is Springtime and all the colors are bursting forth.  Let them inspire you.

Where will you leave footprints today?



    She preps fastidiously-
    Taping blocking feathering trimming. . .
    Along comes hubby


    Happy painting, Joy! Don't forget to embellish the office with your with your beautiful artwork.


    1. Thanks, Cory. You do understand. I'm just waiting for him to decide he's going to paint the whole interior.