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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love Words

I love words.
the feel of them, 
the taste of them 
in my mouth.

I am in a swimming pool
filled with words.
They bump against my body,
my kick sends words
fluttering into the air.
My stroke sends droplets of words
flicking over the water.

I am taking a trip
and my suitcase is stuffed with words
I fold them neatly,
 stacking words into the corners
I hope they don't wrinkle.

I am camping
the tent is filled with words
they are hot and sweaty,
and like moths
the words are attracted to the light.

I walk the city sidewalks
and see words
lining the walkways
stretched over the high rise,
pooling in glass surfaces.

And the exciting thing to me
is that there are always 
new words to taste,
new words to hear
in my ears
new words to sniff
like a French perfume.

I will never know them all.
Never read them all.
And never feel them
all on my tongue.

And even if I could
read all the words 
in the English language,
there are still
so many other
languages to conquer.

      What is your favorite word?  Can you use it to write a poem?
Where do your words like to hang out? Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. What a great poem! I hope you'll send this one to a magazine. I enjoyed your description of all the different settings where words can be found. Packing words in a suitcase makes it possible to take them anywhere. Your sensory experiences are wonderful. I especially love the moth simile.

    Joy, you're amazing!