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Saturday, February 11, 2012


The ice cream truck comes rolling
down our tree lined street.
Grandpa says he'll buy me
an ice cream for a treat.

When it's time to pay the man,
guess what Grandpa hasn't got?
His wallet is in his bedroom.
Grandpa, he forgot.

His wallet, his wallet,
oh Grandpa he forgot,
I will run to get it
because I love Grandpa a lot.

When we gather at the table
our family says a prayer.
Grandpa starts and then he stops
because his pills, they are not there.

His pills, his pills
oh Grandpa he forgot.
I will run to get them
because I love Grandpa a lot.

     Yesterday was Grandma, so today has to be Grandpa that forgets.  Do your Grandparents forget things?  Do you help them to remember?  How can you help others?  Can you write a poem about that?  Can you share your poem with your grandparents?  Then ask them to write a poem for you.  Have fun. 

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  1. Joy,
    What a nice way to pay tribute to grandparents.