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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Red and blue macaws,
guides call them chicos.
Babies born from macaws
used for research.

The chicos know
where food comes from.
They fly in the dining room
sit on your shoulder
beg for food--easy pickings.

Pretty birds
next to your plate
a delightful treat.

     At the Tambopata Research Center ( www.perunature.com)scientists study macaw behavior at the world's largest clay lick.
    Have you heard the old adage that birds of a feather flock together?  For today's poem, can you write one about feathers?  Have fun.


  1. babies used for research? That makes me curious. Beautiful birds!

  2. Cool picture! I am enjoying all your posts about your adventure. Keep it up!

  3. No, the parents were research birds not the babies. The eggs were weighed, measured and then researches discovered that the parents were rejecting the eggs, so the researchers went to great lengths to get the 6 eggs hatched. But the chicks were imprinted with human association, which is why they have no fear of coming in the dining room. The scientists then changed their practices. The macaws live to be 75 years old.
    The fascinating thing to me is that if you look closely at the birds, you can see how each of their faces is different. Each of the six chicos had a name and a separate distinct personality--just like good characters in your stories.And now the chicos have gone on to reproduce off-spring of their own.

  4. Beautiful birds but I don't believe I'd want to sign on for a pet for 75 years.