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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

It has to be a hot day
with watermelon
grilled hot dogs
mosquito buzz
sweet ice tea
roasted corn on the cob
sliced home grown tomatoes
cold potato salad
community band
sparklers, glow worms
and fireworks
lighting the sky
blooming in chysanthemums
sparkling like fairy dust
with loud booms
while I hold your hand
to the tune of
the 1812 Overture.

     I hope you have a cool and happy Fourth of July.  Gosh, I've had some fun fourths over the years.  I can remember watching a community baseball game one year and going fishing another, then water skiing.  I remember going to the Hollywood Bowl one year and standing on the Santa Monica pier another.  One year I was sweltering at Disneyland and another in Kenan Stadium listening to Mike Cross. Went there for several years and the Festival on the Eno for several years too.  One year I even watched the fireworks exploding out a window of the airplane I was on flying to England.  Now I just sit in my front yard and watch the fireworks exploding in several locations around town, including A-mountain.  What will you be doing and eating today?  Can you write about your Fourth today?  Stay cool and have fun.


  1. Joy,
    I loved the image of chysanthemums and fairy dust. Well done. It's a hot one here but we're grilling out anyway. How about you?

    1. Thanks Linda.
      You've done it again--you got me thinking some more about the Fourth of July.

      shooting rockets boom
      blooming large chrysanthemums
      falling fairy dust

  2. Linda, I am on the same page with the blooiming chrysanthemums and fairy dust.

  3. I was in the pool for a long time today chipping the calcium off the edges of the tiles. I talked to my son (the one who worked as a life guard in the summer during high school and then was pool manager his last 2 years, he told me the secret of using tennis balls to hold cleaner and scrub the tiles.) Did you know this trick? Sounded great to me, I can hardly wait to try it. Tonight we sitting out in our front courtyard to watch the fireworks exploding all over Tucson.