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Sunday, September 9, 2012


It is awfully confusing,
all these programs
and buttons.

Trying to download
and then
make it work.

I promise I read
all the instructions,
then why does this program
make me a jerk?

I try and I try
I can't make it work.
I guess what I need
is someone to help.

Where is that kid
I want to find
the one whose 
computer skills
outdistance mine?

      Sorry this is so lame today.  I'm terribly frustrated with my inability.  At least I have the idea down and come back later when I'm not ready to throw my laptop across the room.  I know you'll do better at writing a poem today than I did.
     I'd much rather write poems than keep trying to get this Skype program to work.  My adult poetry critique group wanted to have our meeting today by Skype and I thought I had it all down, but now I can't move from contacting one person to a group.  More later.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Joy,
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I share your frustration! Your poem clearly expresses a feeling shared by MANY. Do not take it personally! Help will come.
    'jerk' may rhyme with 'work' but NEVER does it describe you, dear JOY!

    Good luck. IT will work out AND all in good time.