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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Find a piece of paper,
fold it to a cone,
add a sturdy handle
color for your own.

Now you have a basket
to put some flowers in.
Take them to a neighbor
and let the fun begin.  

Hang it on their door knob.
Get ready to run away.
When you ring the door bell
say, "Happy May Day."

    When I was a little girl, May 1st was considered the beginning of spring and the start of the end of the school year.  We'd have our last parent program on that day and each grade got to do a special dance.  The kindergarden students danced to A VISIT TO MY FRIEND,and the sixth graders got to dance the May Pole.  I remember standing in the hot sun for two weeks practicing before we performed for our parents. First we learned the dance steps.  Then we did the dance with ropes on the tether ball pole.  Next we had long rag ribbons on a special post.  When we arrived on the night of our performance we had long satin ribbons in pastel colors to dance with.  Each student had the responsibility not to mess the steps up, otherwise the ribbons on the pole wouldn't make the pretty woven pattern.  Oh what fun we had.  My mother made me a new yellow sun dress to wear.  My partner was so slow in picking up the steps: I think we all worked very hard to get him to do the right steps so when we were done, it all looked beautiful.
   Have you ever danced a May Pole?  After that event, we'd put away our fun activities and get ready for end of the year testing and final exams.
  What is your favorite memory for the month of May?  Can you write a poem about that?  Or maybe you can write about the flowers that are blooming now.

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  1. Joy,
    May Pole dance memories are delightful. Our school had one for a while, but the dance tradition stopped before I got to have a chance. Maybe it is part of Senior Games. ;)I should check it out.

    Happy belated May Day.