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Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Syttende Mai

Today in Norway is Constitution Day,
the children celebrate with parades.

Everyone wears the national colors
of the flag--red white and blue.

Today the graduating seniors
of their high school have a party,
stay up all night, and sing songs
through their towns.

My Grandmother is Norwegian
and so we will celebrate today too.
She'll  put a special table cloth she made
on our table.  She'll decorate with
her orange good luck horses.

For dinner we'll use the wooden 
painted plates and bowls.

She'll make her lutefisk
and kjott roll, her Norske fiske kraton,
and all her favorite dishes.

We'll eat three kinds of pickled herring
on flat bread or Norwegian crackers.

For dessert, Grandma makes kronekake
a special orange cake.  She lets me help
to break the eggs and stir.

For breakfast I even have my own
special wooden painted egg cup.
I always eat an egg on
Happy Syttende Mai.

     Do you have any special plates, dishes or cups you use for special occasions?  My mother had a special tea cup that she only got to use for cocoa when she was sick. My one son had a cup with a ceramic frog in the bottom that was his cocoa cup.  We even had a Bunnykins bowl where the decal of bunnies around the edge of the bowl had slipped a little so one bunny had lop ears instead of erect ears like all of his friends chasing around the rim of the bowl.  Normally this would be considered a flaw, but my boys always thought that was the lucky bowl and would fight over who got to use it.  Your challenge today is to write a poem about a special food your family eats or a special holiday your family celebrates.


  1. Such a wonderful tradition -- love seeing all the special dishes and hearing about the foods. Haven't tried any of the ones you mentioned.

    Great story about the Bunnykins bowl. I'll have to check mine to see if all the ears are straight :).

    1. I'm sure you have correct ears on your bowl. I bought mine in a seconds shop in England, so I was expecting some imprefections, but my boys made the flaw an asset.

      thank you for the great food poems, books and stories on your blog. Give Cornelius a hug from me.

  2. Nice timing to be talking about graduating seniors in your poem -- my oldest is a senior and her prom was last night, so they are staying up. They went bowling instead of singing songs, but it's the same idea :-) I'll bet your grandmother's orange cake was delicious!

  3. Joy,

    Delightful to hear of the Norwegian customs you celebrate. How fun! Your grandmother would be proud. Thanks for sharing.