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Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy May 5th

   Today is Cinco de Mayo, the day for pinatas, fiestas and family fun as people celebrate Mexico's independence.
    Today is Boy's Day as families pay tribute to the males in their family.  Paper fish kites fly from porches to announce the number of males in the family.
    Today is World Day of Prayer, a day to pray for peace and to offer thanks for all our blessings. 
    I couldn't decide which holiday to write my poem about for today.  I've already written a poem about Cinco de Mayo here.
   I've also written a poem for Boys Day, a holiday celebrated here in Hawaii.
   So I guess I'm writing a prayer poem.


   A star is named for you.
   The moon looks pleased for you, ever changing.
   The sun shines too.

   Pheasants chuck in the grass.
   Roosters watch them pass
   and egrets keep an eye out.

   It takes all kinds.
   Each of us is born at a different time.
   Each of us is different.

   I wish we had more time together.
   Shillings and pounds, how does it end?
   Forget war, I wish you peace.  

   This is  free verse poem written in triplets.  Can you try writing your own free verse poem today?  What do you want to tell the world about your world today?  What do you want to celebrate?  Have fun writing your poem.  Tell it slant.

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