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Monday, May 9, 2016

Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge

This may look like
a field of white flowers
growing from May's
rainy showers--
but it's not.

It's hundreds of sheerwaters
having a roost
as their numbers they
try to boost.

   This weekend we went to the 103rd anniversary of the Kilauea Lighthouse.  We saw all these birds resting in the trees.

We got to go inside the lighthouse and see the beacon with its big Fresnel lens.

Ever since I took a lighting design class as part of my drama major, I've been fascinated with Fresnel lenses. A kerosine lamp would rotate behind the lens sending out a double flash every ten seconds that could be seen several miles out to sea. Have you ever visited a lighthouse?  What did it look like? Can you write your own lighthouse poem today?  Have fun.

Go-getters know where they want to go, and it isn't backward.  Danielle Laporte

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  1. Joy, you have the most exciting adventures and share things you learn with us. What a great gift!