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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Spring

Goats in the field
eating grass,
stop and look up
as I walk past.

Chickens dashing
across the road,
from the creek comes
the call of a toad.

Clouds change shape
as they breeze by,
a yoga child's pose
they stretch, they exercise.

Cows from the pasture
mooed all night.
Spring spitting rain.
Letters to write.

     Something is up.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it is that I'm feeling it is time for my own growth in Spring.  You may have noticed  lately I've been having trouble keeping to my schedule of posting a poem a day.  I feel I'm fighting with myself to get it done.  Maybe I need a break from posting poems, but that seems to be the problem for me. When I don't post, I feel I've let myself (and you) down.  Do you ever feel like you are letting yourself down?  Do you feel disappointment in yourself?  What do you do about it?  Sure wish I knew a good solution.  Probably doing less so I have more time to write.  I'll keep plugging along even if it is sporadic.  In a few days, I'm taking off on another adventure.  I'm going to Seattle and then on to Norway where I will cruise the fjords on a ferry boat. I don't know how reliable or expensive an internet connection will be, so we will see what happens between airports.  If I suddenly disappear, you'll know where I've gone.  In the meantime, keep writing.  Can you try writing a poem about what you do when you are feeling down and blue?  Who do you talk to about your feelings, or do you write your feelings in a journal or poem?  

Po'akolu in Hawaiian mean Wednesday.

If you taste tears too often... Elizabeth Bishop from The Reprimand 

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  1. I loved the spring spitting rain line. Have a wonderful upcoming journey.