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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


   Today is March 14, which makes it Pi Day 3.14.  It is also a day for writing poems about math, for baking pies and eating them.  Yum!


Math and me,
I don't do great.
It takes too long.
I'm always late.

My mom says things
I don't get her.
"Practice, Son
and you'll get better."

Not knowing math
does terrorize.
There are facts
I should memorize.

   How do you memorize things?  I know for me, the best place to memorize is in the bathroom.  When I was in fourth grade and needed to memorize, my teacher sent me out to the playground.  Somehow the rhythm of the swing helped set up a rhythm in my brain to be receptive to the things I needed to remember.  I frequently start at the end and memorize back from there.
   Do you have timed math tests and quizzes?  In third grade on Fridays, we'd have timed tests.  As soon as we were done, we were to put our tests on the teacher's desk and we could go out to play.  I was not good at this.  So as I frequently do, I redefined the rules.  I decided to write as neatly as I could.  I decided to check my work and show the proof.  Of course, I was the last to finish--but I did have every problem correct and had the neatest paper.  Do you ever "re-define" the rules?  What do you do?
   In the long run, this strategy didn't pay off because everyone thought I was bad in math.  If I'd just put in a little more effort, I could have been awesome.
   In fifth grade, there was a student Bruce Marcuson who memorized all the state capitols.  When we'd play a geography game, he'd always win.  Now that I know how to memorize, to remember 50 facts is easy.  If I'd only known that when I was young. 
   What can you do to exercise your memory skills today?  Is there a poem you want to learn?

   Your poetry challenge for today is to write a poem about your favorite kind of pie.  Have fun writing and memorizing.  Can you draw a pie to illustrate your poem?

  Here is another hibiscus I drew last week.  The hibiscus is Hawaii's State Flower.

Live now so you'll have great memories.


  1. Lovely drawing, Joy. I like your quote about memories too. Have a great day there in paradise.

    1. I'm not sure if encouraging outrageous behavior is a model for youngsters, but I certainly have fun using the idea of creating memories as my excuse for lots of the naughty things I do.
      What memories are you creating today?