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Monday, March 27, 2017


Colorful flashes
winging by,
Parakeets fly
in my sky.
in the palm tree
to roost for the night.
Colorful parakeets,
what a delight.

   My husband and I were sitting on the lanai having dinner last evening, and some parakeets flew past.  It was the topper to a perfect day.  Earlier we had found time for a bicycle ride down by the beach.
It was a beautiful day.  I love how we use our beaches for gatherings.

There are lots of covered picnic tables that groups use.  We had a hard time finding an empty table to sit and drink our water while we watched the people and the waves.

I did see this colorful tree.
Someone tied colorful paper streamers to the tree and the ocean breeze had them fluttering in the wind.

It is so easy to have a celebration on island because you just tell your family, neighbors and friends, "Meet me at the beach."  This is the gathering that went with those streamers.

Gatherings are so much fun.  Since it is a holiday today, can you try writing a poem about a holiday, a party or a gathering?  Then find a friend to read your poem to.  Have fun celebrating your poem.

Today is Prince Kuhio Day in Kauai.

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