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Monday, March 13, 2017

Asleep at the Wheel

I'm back after a three week course in Botanical Illustration.

  I learned a lot.  We used colored pencils and water color pencils to do our art.  I learned about plants, but I also learned about myself through doing the art. I learned some new techniques for drawing and coloring.  I learned that I don't particularly like the static-ness (Is that a word?) of plants.  I'd rather observe flowering plants in their natural habitat.  I also gained a great respect for the people who do botanical illustration.  Why someone would want to spend hours, days, weeks trying to get their picture to look like a photograph is beyond me though.
Here are the parts of a hibiscus flower.  This is Hawaii's State Flower.

It was interesting to take the flowers apart to see all of the hidden parts, but I hated ruining the pretty flowers.  I kept thinking of a Mary Oliver line from her poem This Summer Day, "Don't all things die at last, and too soon?"  And, I didn't like my role in making that 'too soon.'

   Can you find a flower, leaf, nut, fruit or plant to try drawing today? And when you are done, or while you are making your art, think of a poem to go with your picture.

I kept thinking of this:


Flowering trees sway
on a tropical isle,
watching them play
makes me smile.

   Maybe part of the reason I wrote a short poem about trees is because a friend, Mark Walsh (an emergency room nurse) challenged me to write a TREE poem.  He wants to start a poetry tag game with me.  I hope I am up for this.  Do you know how to play poetry tag?  One person starts with a poem and the person tagged plays off of that poem.  In this instance Mark might reply with a poem about flowers, growing, isles, tropics, or things that make him smile.  Who knows what his poem will be.  It could be something he writes or a poem from another poet.  Poetry Tag might be something you'd like to try with your friends.

Tomorrow, March 14 is PI Day (3.14), many people celebrate by eating pie.  What is your favorite flavor of pie?  Can you write a pie poem today to give to a friend tomorrow?  I think I'm going to try to bake a pie today.  Somehow it seems unfair.  I don't want to start my oven because it will make my house too hot and on the radio they announced New York City Schools will be closed tomorrow for a snow day.  If you live in Australia or south of the equator where it is summer season now, you know what I mean.  But if you live where it is snowing, all I can say is come visit me where we spend our entire year in shorts and t-shirts.  I do live in paradise.


  1. I love seeing what you drew, Joy. I've read that botanical artistic sometimes take months to be "done" with their drawings. Interesting patience! I used to play poetry tag with students, but we played from last lines. One would write the first poem, then the next would write from that poem's last line, and on. It was fun to display them when all were done. Thanks for sharing about that too.

    1. I think it is that "patience" which makes me not want to do botanical illustration. I just want to play with the art to have pictures to go with my poems.

  2. Wow, you drawings are amazing, Joy! Your tiny poem is lovely, too, and very fitting with what you must see every day in 'paradise'. Speaking of the house getting too hot, it is in 90's here in Tucson already - in March. Ugh. Miss you. =)

    1. Glad you are able to enjoy Tucson's warmth. If you saw the beautiful work done by my classmates and the instructor, you'd realize I will never achieve their abilities.
      Thanks for stopping by.